Frequently Asked Questions


El Camino Spanish School is a community spanish language school located in one of the most beautiful and nice cities in a heart of South America. We're now the only spanish school in Sucre than offers you a complete real spanish and culture immersion. We have the best companies that work with us in the historic old city of Sucre. The town is a big place to explore while you enjoy classes with El Camino.

El Camino provides professional Spanish classes that are both practical & useful from day one using our own in-house developed curriculum. To complement classes and promote Spanish immersion we organize cultural and social activities.

Most levels on a weekly basis, as such we usually have classes from total beginner to up intermediate.

Classes start every Monday, every week of the year. Where Monday is a public holiday classes will start on Tuesday. 

When you start, you will take a level exam to determine the best methodology according to your needs.

It's really a personal choice. Some people prefer the social aspect of a group class, while others prefer to learn at their own pace with more personal attention. Many students start with group classes and then change to private classes. If you're not sure we recommend you start with group classes, you can always change later on, after the completion of any week. Please note that if you decide to change from group to private classes you will forfeit any discount given for group classes.

Group classes go ahead with 3 students or more. If you booked group classes and you are the only student that week, you will be offered private classes or semi group classes.

The last thing you need is a heavy Spanish grammar book to carry in your luggage. That's why we've developed our own Spanish curriculum and you'll also be given handouts in the class. On your first day you'll receive a welcome kit which includes a notebook and two pens.

You'll find the address of our school on the contact page.

At El Camino Spanish in Sucre we organize free activities almost every day of the week. Usually there is welcome meeting, salsa classes, wally ball (local sport), cooking classes, language exchanges. The schedule varies from week to week. We'll send the activities schedule every Friday along with the class schedule. On the first days of class we'll explain the week's events. Activities are generally scheduled in the afternoon and may conflict with private class schedules. If you particularly want to attend these activities we recommend you choose group lessons.
(The activities always depend of the available cultural activities of the month or week)
Group classes generally have one or two classes external to the school in order to promote Spanish immersion and allow students to practice Spanish in real environments.

The school has free WIFI. You also can work at the school enjoying our patio out of class time. Feel free to have snacks and beverages.

-Payment Methods

You most pay at the school, for this year just we are accepting cash (Bolivian money only). Pay day it will be on Tuesdays.
Reservation secures your classes. We'll always do our best to schedule classes however priority will always be given to those students who have a reservation.

Yes, you can however remember we give discounts for those people who book more than 2 week of group classes.

-Aditional Services

Regarding the Homestay, it gives you possibility to practice and improve your Spanish while staying with a local Bolivian family. Local families lives no more than 25 minutes walking from the main plaza. We also can offer you private flats.

Absolutely, living with a local family will not only help you improve your Spanish, but it will also give you a first-hand cultural experience.

It costs 18 USD (125 Bolivianos) per night, this price includes breakfast, lunch, free kitchen to prepare your dinner, private bedroom, shared bathroom with one or two other students, internet access

From the airport to central Sucre it is a scenic 45 to 50 minute drive. At the airport are plenty of taxis and the fee to the main plaza is 70 BOB. We recommend you check the rate before entering the taxi. Airport taxis are regulated and so it's very safe to take a taxi from the airport, although they do tend to drive pretty fast. You always can share the taxi with another 3 persons, that mean the cost its going to divide the total price at four.


Yes, we currently offer three extra activities. A city tour, wallyball (like volleyball) and cooking class with local people.

-About Sucre

Sucre is probably de safes city in Bolivia and is so quite for take walks all over the day and night, one of the newest destinations for tourism in South America.

If you have any questions you can email us at or why not add us on facebook “El Camino Spanish School” or Instagram @el_camino_sucre and whatsapp “+591 63363627” and we can have a brief chat and answer all your questions at the one time