Our Classes

Private Classes

Bs. 1100/ $ 158

This program fits perfectly for a person who has a previous Spanish base or also for a person who wants to customize a class according to their time and needs. it is possible to take all the levels since there is only one person in class, a big difference with the group class that everyone follows the same plan for 20 hours. A very interesting option.

Semigroup Classes

Bs. 1000 / $144

Our semigroup class was designed for two people, friends, couples or people of the same level in a personalized class.
Mutual help is essential to advance in learning new language skills. excellent option!

Group Classes

Bs.900 / $130

Our Intensive Spanish group class is based in 20 hours per week and is the most popular program at our school. It offers a well-balanced curriculum that covers all aspects of language learning, including reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Our small group classes from 3 to 5 students, allowing a close focus on each student’s individual learning while providing a fun environment to practice and reinforce communication skills.

Online Classes

Customize your program

If you enjoyed living this learning experience with us, continue your language progress online. Ask about availability to customize a program that suits you.